Snapperstuff's COVID-19 Story

Hello, I’m Helen, and I am the boss of Snapperstuff. Following my last blog post (Wow what a fortnight for us all!), here’s what’s been going on in the background for us…After filming the loaned camera gear from Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic and Sigma, I sanitised it all before returning it.… READ MORE »

WOW - What A Fortnight!

Wow what a fortnight for us all !With the advance of Coronavirus COVID-19 The Photography Show TPS was postponed at late notice. Sad but sensible. We were almost ready to go. All the gear packed and just a little paperwork left to finalise, oh and the usual last minute prep… READ MORE »

The Snapperstuff Show Must Go On!

The Photography Show has been postponed until September… but for us the show must go on!While it is a huge disappointment the show has been postponed, we have prepared some Spectacular deals so you don’t have to miss out now!!TO GET THESE DEALS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS:Go to… READ MORE »

The Rooky takes on Cropredy & the Fairport Convention Festival………

Every year for the past 7 years my “bestie” and I go off for our annual outing to Cropredy.  The whole village lends itself to the Fairport Convention and their friends.  This has been running for about 43 years, over 26 of them Fiona (my bestie) has been attending. It’s… READ MORE »

The Rooky The Dreaded Wedding…..

As promised, I am back with a review on the Digital Holster 20.In my last blog albeit rather long winded I said that I had been asked by a good friend to step in and save her day and be her wedding photographer as her chosen photographer and she had… READ MORE »

The Rooky... road tests the MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Horizon backpack

The Rooky…As the nickname suggests I am a complete rooky when it comes to the art of photography.A chance meeting in a hotel (sound legit right!) has led me back into my passion of taking pictures. I won’t bore you with the details suffice to say I met Helen Atkinson… READ MORE »

Team Snapperstuff - Edmond Terakopian - Travel Photographer of the Year Exhibition

In our first in the occasional series on members of our Team Snapperstuff, we're absolutely thrilled to share that the fabulous Travel Photographer Of The Year exhibition features the work of one of our team; photojournalist Edmond Terakopian.So many stunning photographs in such a wonderful setting, just by the River… READ MORE »

Team Snapperstuff

Anyone who knows us, knows that we are different. Yes, the products we sell are in our opinion, are the best on the market, but this isn’t sales speak. It’s the opinion of our team of professional photographers. In fact, anyone who has come to our stand at The Photography… READ MORE »