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Sensor Cleaning System - Non full frame (Peli Ed.)

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GC-SC-4200P Sensor Cleaning System - Non full frame (Peli Ed.)

GC-SC-4200P Sensor Cleaning System Non Full Frame Peli Edition is a professional kit which removes all forms of contamination from digital reflex CCD and CMOS sensor cameras. Using contact and residue-free application, loose forms of contamination are lifted off and grimy forms are either dissolved or dry polished.


  • x1 Peli Protector Case 1150 with custom blue foam insert
  • x1 GC-G-2051 Air + Vacuum Power HI-TECH (Air Duster Can) (400ml) NON-flammable
  • x1 GC-V-3000 Mini Vacuum (Dusting Tool)
  • x1 GC-SC-4050-3 three Pick Up drain tubes
  • x1 GC-SC-4070-3 three non full frame size Wet and Dry Sachets


  • Safe process due to contact and residue free application
  • No compression and transportation of dirt particles
  • No direct contact with gas from dusting can whilst using Mini Vacuum
  • High performance suction guarantees gentle lifting of the loose particles, even when confronted with the resistance of the static charging inside the camera
  • Economical as often the contamination is loose and can therefore be removed with the Mini Vacuum
  • Effective as the dust is removed from the camera shaft and the lens
  • HI-TECH pressurised gas is especially strong, stabile and productive thus resulting in the most economical method of sensor cleaning.
  • Designed for repeated use
  • Extremely robust
  • Mini Vacuum can be removed from the can at all times without loss of gas
  • Exact pressure control for economical and pinpoint accuracy
  • 360° revolving nozzle for exact, one-handed usage
  • Saves unnecessary additional one-way components
  • Mini Vacuum collection container is transparent and washable
  • High grade steel filters prevent fine particles escaping during use
  • Can be supplemented with other accessories (see below)
  • Peli 1150 Protector Case is completely waterproof, crushproof, and most importantly dust proof. Using the specially designed foam with the contents, you can transport the SYSTEM SENSOR CLEANING in an easy and convenient manner


  • Box weight: 1500g
  • Trigger diameter approx. 35mm
  • Trigger material: POM
  • Mini Vacuum pipe material: Polyurethane
  • Mini Vacuum filter material: Stainless steel
  • Mini Vacuum container material: Polycarbonate


  • GC-V-2000 Top Ventil
  • GC-V-2100 Anti-Static Set
  • GC-V-2200 Dual Extender Set

OTHER AVAILABLE Aerosol AIR + VACUUM Air Dusting Cans:

  • GC-G-2016 Air + Vacuum Power HI-TECH (150ml) (non-flammable)
  • GC-G-2026 Air + Vacuum Power (250ml) (flammable)
  • GC-G-2041 Air + Vacuum Power (400ml) (flammable)
  • GC-G-2051 Air + Vacuum Power HI-TECH (400ml) (non-flammable)

OTHER AVAILABLE Sensor Cleaning Systems:

  • GC-SC-4000 Sensor Cleaning Kit- Full frame size
  • GC-SC-4100 Sensor Cleaning Traveller Kit
  • GC-SC-4060-3 Wet & Dry Full frame size sensor
  • GC-SC-4070-3 Wet & Dry Non full frame size sensor
  • GC-SC-5200 After Shake Kit
  • GC-SC-5070-3 After Shake Wet & Dry

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