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Wet & Dry Sensor Cleaning Swabs - After Shake

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GC-SC-5070-3 Wet & Dry Sensor Cleaning Swabs - After Shake

GC-SC-5070-3 Wet & Dry Sensor Cleaning Swabs After Shake swabs are pre-soaked, individually sealed applicators, which are manufactured under cleanroom requirements to guarantee stripe free cleaning for DSLR cameras with ultrasonic vibration.

There are x3 Wet & Dry Sensor Cleaning Sachets in this pack.

Use the Wet Foam Swab followed by the Dry Sweeper. With correct fluid content already applied, the Wet Foam Swab dissolves grime smudges. These are then lifted away by the Dry Sweeper. The DuPont material used on the Dry Sweeper is highly absorbent and fluff-free.


  • Wet Foam is a non toxic, non flammable grime dissolving solvent
  • Pre-soaked swabs mean no over-dosage or spilling of solvent an essential aspect of safe application
  • Manufactured under cleanroom requirements
  • Individually sealed applicators for safe handling
  • Dry Sweeper is highly absorbent and fluff-free
  • The extended edges of the DuPont cloth allow optimum cleansing of the sensor corners
  • Pre-soaked cloth guarantees stripe free cleaning
  • High standard requirements on choice of both material and manufacturing processes guarantee professional results
  • Can be supplemented with other accessories (see below)


  • DSLR cameras with dust reduction mechanisms


  • Box weight: 48.5g
  • Wet Foam applicator approx: 12.7mm width head
  • Wet Foam applicator overall length approx: 129mm
  • Wet Foam head material: Polyurethane
  • Wet Foam stick material: Polypropylene
  • Dry Sweeper approx: 15mm width head
  • Dry Sweeper overall length approx: 132mm
  • Dry Sweeper head material: 45% Polyester 55% Cellulose
  • Dry Sweeper stick material: POM


  • GC-SC-4000 Sensor Cleaning Kit- Full frame size
  • GC-SC-4100 Sensor Cleaning Traveller Kit
  • GC-SC-4200 Sensor Cleaning Kit- Non full frame size
  • GC-SC-4060-3 Wet & Dry Full frame size sensor
  • GC-SC-4070-3 Wet & Dry Non full frame size sensor
  • GC-SC-5200 After Shake Kit

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