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Sensor Cleaning System - Full frame

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GC-SC-4000 Sensor Cleaning System - Full frame

GC-SC-4000 Sensor Cleaning System is a professional kit which removes all forms of contamination from digital reflex CCD and CMOS sensor cameras. Using contact and residue-free application, loose forms of contamination are lifted off and grimy forms are either dissolved or dry polished.


  • x1 GC-G-2051 Air + Vacuum Power HI-TECH (Air Duster Can) (400ml) NON-flammable
  • x1 GC-V-3000 Mini Vacuum (Dusting Tool)
  • x1 GC-SC-4050-3 three Pick Up drain tubes
  • x1 GC-SC-4060-3 three full frame size Wet and Dry Sachets


  • Safe process due to contact and residue-free application
  • No compression and transportation of dirt particles
  • No direct contact with gas from dusting can whilst using Mini Vacuum
  • High performance suction guarantees gentle lifting of the loose particles, even when confronted with the resistance of the static charging inside the camera
  • Economical as often the contamination is loose and can therefore be removed with the Mini Vacuum
  • Effective as the dust is removed from the camera shaft and the lens
  • HI-TECH pressurized gas is especially strong, stabile and productive thus resulting in the most economical method of sensor cleaning.
  • Designed for repeated use
  • Extremely robust
  • Mini Vacuum can be removed from the can at all times without loss of gas
  • Exact pressure control for economical and pinpoint accuracy
  • 360° revolving nozzle for exact, one-handed usage
  • Saves unnecessary additional one-way components
  • Mini Vacuum collection container is transparent and washable
  • High grade steel filters prevent fine particles escaping during use
  • Can be supplemented with other accessories (see below)


  • Kit weight: 693g
  • Trigger diameter: approx. 35mm
  • Trigger material: POM
  • Mini Vacuum pipe material: Polyurethane
  • Mini Vacuum filter material: Stainless steel
  • Mini Vacuum container material: Polycarbonate



  • GC-V-2000 Top Ventil
  • GC-V-2100 Anti-Static Set
  • GC-V-2200 Dual Extender Set


OTHER AVAILABLE Aerosol AIR + VACUUM Air Dusting Cans:

  • GC-G-2016 Air + Vacuum Power HI-TECH (150ml) (non-flammable)
  • GC-G-2026 Air + Vacuum Power (250ml) (flammable)
  • GC-G-2041 Air + Vacuum Power (400ml) (flammable)
  • GC-G-2051 Air + Vacuum Power HI-TECH (400ml) (non-flammable)

OTHER AVAILABLE Sensor Cleaning Systems

  • GC-SC-4200 Sensor Cleaning Kit- Non full frame size
  • GC-SC-4100 Sensor Cleaning Traveller Kit
  • GC-SC-4060-3 Wet & Dry Full frame size sensor
  • GC-SC-4070-3 Wet & Dry Non full frame size sensor
  • GC-SC-5200 After Shake Kit
  • GC-SC-5070-3 After Shake Wet & Dry

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