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3 Pick Up Protective Tubes - 3 pack



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GC-SC-4050-3 Pick Up Protective Tubes (3 pack)

GC-SC-4050-3 Pick Up Protective Tubes (3 pack) work in combination with the Mini Vacuum (GC-V-3000) and compatible Air + Vacuum Power Green Clean aerosol Air Dusting cans (available separately). This makes the perfect dusting tool combination for Digital SLR Camera Sensor Cleaning.

The one-way ‘Pick Up’ tube is especially designed for use on DSLR cameras. The material used is abrasion-free and non-conductive.

The end piece of the plastic component has been designed in a trumpet-shaped form and fitted with a crank for better handling. Any unforeseen contact with the sensor leaves no residue, as no softeners are used.

The material is thermo-plastically formed and produced under Cleanroom requirements. The sterile units are individually packed in order to avoid contamination.

The crank enables an exact positioning of the tube, at the same time leaving the access to the camera shaft free for inspection. Even under static electricity charging even the most resistant particles can be lifted off.

Directions for use:

Add the ‘PICK UP’ to the tube of the Mini Vacuum (GC-V-3000) dusting tool and in turn fit to one of the Air + Vacuum Air Dusting compatible cans (see list below). Then use short bursts of air in order to suck up the particles.

The particles removed are collected in a transparent, washable plastic container. Permanent high-grade steel filters prevent the fine particles from escaping during the vacuuming process.

The high pressure of Air + Vacuum Power results in a suction strength similar to that of a two metre high water column, so even the smallest particles can be lifted from inaccessible component parts.

The Mini Vacuum dusting tool works with other compatible Green Clean aerosol Air + Vacuum Power Dusting cans (see compatible products below).


  • Pack of 3 ‘Pick Up’ tubes weight: 29.8 g
  • Pack dimensions: 9 x 20.5 x 3.2 cm

Mini Vacuum FEATURES:

  • Designed for repeated use
  • Extremely robust
  • Mini Vacuum can be removed from the can at all times without loss of gas
  • Exact pressure control for economical and pinpoint accuracy
  • Saves unnecessary additional one-way components
  • Components not exposed to expansion pressure
  • No direct contact with gas from dusting can whilst using mini vacuum
  • No whirling or extrusion of particles
  • Very high suction strength so even the smallest particles can be lifted
  • Collection container is transparent and washable
  • High grade steel filters prevent fine particles escaping during use
  • Can be supplemented with other accessories (see below)
  • Use with GC-SC-4050-3 Pick Up for DSLR Camera Sensor Cleaning


  • Weight: 44.6 g

COMPATIBLE Dusting Tools:

  • GC-V-3000 Mini Vacuum

COMPATIBLE WITH Aerosol AIR + VACUUM Air Dusting Cans:

  • GC-G-2016 Air + Vacuum Power HI-TECH (150ml) (non-flammable)
  • GC-G-2026 Air + Vacuum Power (250ml) (flammable)
  • GC-G-2041 Air + Vacuum Power (400ml) (flammable)
  • GC-G-2051 Air + Vacuum Power HI-TECH (400ml) (non-flammable)

OTHER AVAILABLE Dusting Tools for Air Dusting Cans:

  • GC-V-2000 Top Ventil
  • GC-V-2100 Anti-Static Set
  • GC-V-2200 Dual Extender Set

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