CP26 Travel Tripod - Centerpod - CP26-S5S

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FLM-32-26-907 CP26 Travel Tripod - Centerpod - CP26-S5S

The CP26 Travel Tripod is a lightweight, compact yet durable travel tripod.

It is the perfect companion for anyone planning on extensive shooting tours. Especially when it comes to the trekking, every gram counts.

With 5 leg segments, the tripod closes dow to a small pack size of just 39 centimetres. The feet are interchangeable, so you have the option to fit rubber feet or spikes

The CP26 range is especially suited when you’re on the move due to it's compactness.


The minimum height of the CP26-S5S is 11cm, the maximum height when fully extended is 1400mm, while the maximum height without the centre column extended is 1310mm. The weight is 1.28kg and load capacity is 12kg.

The uppermost leg tube is 26.5mm in diameter and the length when closed (for storage) is 390mm. You can store the FLM tripods WITH the FLM Centreball Head connected, as it fits elegantly and perfectly between the tripod legs, without changing the overall stored dimensions.


All FLM Centerpod tripods include an adapter thread with 1/4 inch one end and 3/8 inch the other.


This FLM tripod is made from 10-layer carbon tubes made of pure carbon fibres to ensure stability and lightness of the product. It is important to bear in mind that the more tube sections you have allow for more compactness, which is ideal when you need to travel light. While the fewer sections you have provide more stability, which is ideal when you're shooting in low light.


Each FLM tripod is fitted with an anti-rotation centre column (middle tube) that can be displaced over its entire length. Its design means that, even with the tripod head attached, its length when stored is not exceeded.

The FLM Centerpod Tripod can be used without its centre column in order to obtain the best possible degree of stability and freedom from vibration. You can also invert this centre column to enable the camera to be positioned as close to the ground as possible.


A retractable hook system is integrated into each centre column in order to add stabilisation to the FLM tripod outdoors. When not in use, it can be simply retracted with a click thus reducing its stored dimensions.


The special locking technology enables each tube segment to be opened and locked into place using just one hand. All these connections are protected with the A-S-L-System (Anti Shock Lock System) against dirt and unintentional opening.

FLM's automatic leg locking system means the actions of unfolding and folding up the FLM Centerpod legs are accomplished with just a few movements.

To set up the tripod, each leg is rotated downwards to the desired locking position. Each position will lock automatically on the way down, but you can also manually change this.

To fold up the tripod, make sure the legs are all swivelled downwards first (through each locking position). Then fold each leg in one movement upwards, through 180° with one movement for each leg, so they all meet together around the centre column. When the legs are folded together in this way, the stored dimensions of the FLM-Centerpod are very compact.


The CP26 models with 4 tubes have a protective removable screw rubber foot / cap, which when removed reveals a carbon fibre spike with a steel tip. While the CP26 3 tube models and CP30 models come with a protective retractable rubber foot, which when turned counter clockwise reveals the carbon fibre spike with steel tip.


You will need one of the following spirit bubble levels that have been designed to fit in the hotshoe adaptor of your SLR or DSLR camera:

Spirit Bubble Level (FLM-12-01-901)


2 Axis Spirit Level (FLM-12-02-901)


3 Axis Spirit Level (FLM-12-03-901)

The benefit of having the spirit bubble level at this point is for ease of levelling your equipment and reading the level.


  • Min. height (mm): 11
  • Max. height (mm): 1400
  • Max. height excluding centre column (mm): 1310
  • Tube segments (mm): 5
  • Uppermost tube diameter (mm): 26.5
  • Foot system: Carbon fibre spike with steel tip & protective removable rubber screw foot / cap
  • Weight (kg): approx. 1.28
  • Load (kg): 12
  • Packed length (mm): 390


  • CB-18 E
  • CB-24 E
  • CB-32 E
  • CB-38 E
  • CB-24 FB
  • CB-32 F

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